*drip* *drip* *drip*

So last night Travis and I were having a nice relaxing night. A little salad, some chips and dip, a bit of CSI (a new one last night, nice). Travis was making frequent trips to the kitchen to refresh his soda (that's right... my husband is a Coke addict), and noticed that a spot on our kitchen ceiling, which had been there since before we got the house, seemed a bit darker and maybe a tad bigger.

So we did the logical thing... we cut out the ceiling tile.
(Actually, had I known that there was a weeeee bit of rum in that Coke, I might not have approved of this being the logical next step, but he seemed so sure... Just kidding hunny!)

We do have a leak. From the position and size of the pipe, we are guessing it is the little one that delivers water to the tank of the toilet. And I am hoping, from where the leak seems to be originating, that it is just a matter of replacing the joint where the pipe changes direction to head upstairs. We have a plumber coming on Saturday morning. Dear g*d, let the news be "good".

Changing the subject, today has been pretty good. It's friday, which is always a bonus. First thing this morning, I ran to the closest PennDot licensing center (well, in Philly, closest to where I work), and am now officially, Megan Katiegh H*****. Yay!

Now the rest of the name changing can commence. I got my bank accounts and my credit card. Hopefully my car loan should be changed soon as well. This weekend I'll take care of other loans and our utilities. Man this stuff is annoying! Lol.

I also ran an errand for the office, and got myself a free sushi lunch out of it! Mmmm... sushi.

This day really has been pretty fab, if only because it seems like I've been running errands and away from the office more then I've been in it. Not quite true, but the breaks REALLY speed up the day. Love it.

And now it's friday... so I will bid you all a great weekend. :-)

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