busy busy busy

I'm just sitting here, eating a Clementine (yummy!) courtesy of this guy:

My hilarious coworker, Eitan. I'm waiting for the lunch part of an event to be done... and thought I might as well pop in here and say Hi!

So! First, some really nice news... I got a raise!!
My boss called me from home yesterday to let me know that he and the big bossman had discussed salaries. They talked about the fact that I'm doing more and more as time goes on, "showing great versatility" which they wanted to recognize. So... they are giving me a really nice raise! More then I even hoped for really. Enough that they've hit the mark I would have considered my "I'd definitely take a different job if they paid me that." So, one more pro for staying put. :-)
Trav and I are using a restaurant gift certificate we got for Christmas to go out to dinner tonight and celebrate.

It was really nice timing too considering today two of my coworkers are out today, leaving me to handle an event on my own... but it is going smoothly, so I'm okay with it.

Let's see, what else. Well, to answer Bill's questions... yes, my new tattoo is a Phoenix. As for colors... I plan on doing a really bright yellow/orange like in this picture, but with a green scruff and bluish-purple tipped wings like in this one.

Not too much else to talk about at the moment... the week has gone a bit slowly, first full one back always does! Not to mention the absense of those two coworkers. But the weekend is almost here, and it looks like a nice lazy one too. I'm in a really good mood today... looking forward to dinner, enjoying the nice weather, and feeling really happy for a good friend of mine that just got engaged! Congrates Hannah!!!!!!!!

And, if you aren't all pictured out... I thought I would share a few more pictures from Christmas (which I forgot I took)...

Travis and the puppy. Love these pictures... the second is my new wallpaper.

Well, event is over... time for me to go chow. Ciao!

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