mish-mash... with pictures!

So, in no particular order and with no thread to bind them together:

Happy New Year!!! We had a great one... I attended a party at a friend of my family's, which was a lot of fun. Hadn't been there in about 8 years, so lots of catching up. Good company, lots of champagne, and fireworks (it wasn't as bad a combo as it sounds, I swear)! And lots of Rock Band, which was very fun. Here are some pictures...

My very hairy little brother and I.

Trav and I.

Trav and I, one that doesn't make me look like a floating head.

So, in anycase... welcome to 2008, y'all!! :-)

Other random bits:
I dreampt about my ex-boyfriend last night. Travis and I were at my parents and he drove up to say hi and drop off a movie he borrowed... apparently 8.5 years ago. Even in dream form, it was awkward!

I don't know if I ever recommended this book before, but I just did for a friend and realized I should here too: The Patron Saint of Liars By Ann Patchett. Very good book about an topic that, you know, decent people don't talk about. ;-) At least at the time its set in... nowadays, what don't people talk about? If you want a preview, check out which is something else neat that I wanted to recommend, because I just found it.

I have an appointment tomorrow at the tattoo shop. Pictures to come this weekend or next week. Yippee!!

A few sad news items if you read any of the blogs in my sidebar... Multiple Baby Pileup lost little Jack on the second, Bill from Poop & Boogies lost his father then also. I wish them both better moments in the coming year.

And lastly, what do you think of the poll results from Iowa?
I'm pleasantly surprised by how well Obama did... but not happy at all with Huckabee's win. He opposes abortion rights, stem-cell research, and same-sex marriages... which, in my book, are just a few of his cons. As far as republicans go, I'm liking McCain... who got third (or fourth?) in Iowa, and is predicted to lead in N.H.
I'm still not 100% about who I'm going to vote for. I'm back a forth on a few people, but I think my "front runners" are Obama, Clinton, and McCain. I really feel that with Clinton you are getting a "dynamic duo", and it would be amazing to see a strong woman running the show. But she definitely has her downsides too. In anycase, its far from over. Lets see what happens in N.H. next!

Update 5 minutes later: I also forgot Paul, who may be even less scary (as far as Repubs go) then McCain. He's in my sights as well... but I have the feeling he has less of a chance.

Well, back to work for me. Now that the holidays are over, we're really back into the swing of things, and I have so much work to get done. Especially with Miyano out until the 14th! Back soon... and have a great weekend!

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