no news is good news?

No news from Jan yet, which in this case seems good.

My weekend was relaxing... I did manage to clean up my laundry mess (creating a garbage bag of clothes to donate, and a whole dresser of way overfull drawers) which is nice, I like the bare swatch of floor it created in our bedroom. I also hung up my christmas present from trav in our upstairs hall (he says it looks nice). We went grocery shopping Friday night, hung out with Ro & Pat on Saturday night, and were disappointed by the NYG vs. Packers game on Sunday night (stupid Packers were supposed to beat the Giants). I got to sleep in yesterday, and have a VERY relaxing day (ANTM reruns anyone?).

This morning I'm not feeling as well though. I had trouble falling asleep last night and now my throat is scratchy and sore. Ugh. Not exactly the start to my day/week that I wanted. I'm drinking some tea now, and I'll be sucking on some throat drops later. Any secret remedies you want to recommend?

Otherwise, all is about the same. And now I have to get to work...

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