still blah

Still feeling crappy today... my throat is hurting horribly, its swollen and red... and I slept like poo for the last two nights so I'm exhausted (last night I dreampt I had tonsillitis, awesome!). I actually went home from work early yesterday because I was feeling lightheaded and just horrible overall. Soup, hot chocolate, tea and lots of reading in bed followed. I feel better today, but still not great. And once again with the helpful comments... from the boss: "Wow, you really don't look that great today." Just what I wanted to hear.

That's really all for me today. Sick, just ugh. But there is still work to be done, so off I go to do it!!


PS. Um... Heath Ledger, dead at 28. It's weird, it's sad... he's so young, and is leaving such a young child behind with no father. I'm used to the older actors dying, but its different when its someone your own age.

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