Miyano's back, Miyano's back!! I'm so damn excited she is here again. Work was a royal pain in the ass with two of my favorite coworkers gone... especially since I had to do their work! It makes Monday a little easier, knowing she's back again. She was also a sweetie and brought me a few fun items from Japan, including two new "dangles" for my phone (a rody one and one that's just charms with Love spelled out... lol) and a "shaver" for my clothes (you know, to get rid of the pills)! I'm really excited by them. The rody is already on my phone, the love is in a safe place, and the shaver just needs some batteries and tonight my favorite pair of soft gray pants are getting shaved! :-)

As for the weekend... it was good. Relaxing. We didn't have any set plans, which is very nice. February/March weekends are starting to look busy, so I'll enjoy these weekends of nothing. Trav and I ended up taking a walk on Saturday, to the Best Buy (used his Christmas gift card and got the Wii Play, yay!), then to the pet store to ohh over puppies, then back home again. About 6.5 miles altogether. Sunday Ro and I did our walk too... another 5 miles, so I logged a not-to-shabby 11.5 miles this weekend. All in all, very enjoyable.

Well, back to work for me... despite Miyano's return, I have so much work to do!! Ciao!

ps. Does it make me a bad person to admit that not only was I happy that the Cowboys lost, but that seeing TO cry made me VERY happy?!

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