new ink

I'm in love.

(Trav took the above picture at a funny angle which makes all my tats look a little wonky and off-center/crooked. FYI: None of them are!)

What do you think?! :-) Lol, maybe I don't want to know. But I really do love it... and can't wait to see complete and in color. I'm so proud.

In other weekend news... we got to meet Aidan Michael this weekend. It is the son of Trav's cousin, who was born on Christmas. He was a full month early, and is the tiniest peanut. Only around 5lbs now.

What a cutie!

Well that's my weekend in a nutshell!


  1. just love the tattoo! and you look awfully comfortable with that baby! he is so adorable.

  2. What colors are you going to use? IS it a Phoenix?

  3. Love the tattoo!! But you have the body for it, I don't. It's a lot like the one my friend Mark has been getting done, little by little. If I could figure out how to link to a picture of his, I would.

  4. PS how do i look you up on Facebook?


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