my heart breaks...

for Jan. Things look worse still... my heart breaks for her, I can't imagine how she must feel right now. She's on one of those diets where they send you all your food, so I just fedex'd her another weeks worth of food. It's the second time I've done that, she didn't realize what she was heading to when she first prepared for Florida. Last time I included a "card" for her dad that I made in ms paint, she said it made him laugh, which made me happy. This time I just included a note that said my thoughts and prayers were with them both... and that that I was sending her dad healing juju. Three-day weekend ahead, which I'm much looking forward too, but I think I'll spend much of it waiting.

Being more upbeat... I'll probably also spend a good deal of the weekend cleaning. No wait? Is that actually more upbeat? Well, anyway, my unfortunate laundry problem (an example here) has gotten a bit out of hand, so that will have to be remedied this weekend. I've realized that my laundry system doesn't really work if I can't find the clothes I want to wear on any given day. Bah. Hopefully we will also be hanging out with Ro & Pat whom we didn't get to hang out with last weekend. And maybe I can hang up the awesome present Trav got me for Christmas (this).

Anything else? Not so much... just time to get back to work.

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