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Feeling better, not 100% but much better then last week.
Saw my new Doc on Friday... she thinks it is a sinus infection, although she did a throat culture to rule out strep. She was great, relaxed, unrushed, friendly. She gave me a script for an antibiotic, but told me to wait a few days and see if I felt better. If I got worse I would take it, if not it meant that my body was fighting it and I didn't need the antibiotic. I really like her.
Last night she called me herself to say that my culture was negative for strep and to see how I was feeling. Check that, I love her!

In anycase, this weekend involved a lot of sleeping in and being lazy. We did go out both days, but it was easy, relaxing stuff. Saturday I did an alumni interview with a kid from Bala Cynwyd who is considering Lehigh. We met over in Bryn Mawr, not far from Willy's, so I dropped Travis there first. It was about 30 minutes of chatting and the kid was nice... I would do one again if they asked me. When we got home we put together everything for a big pot of beef stew, then tried some packaged pulled pork for dinner (not bad).

Sunday we threw the beef stew on in the morning (crockpot) to cook all day. And we finally decided to use our passes to see the movies... we hit up National Treasure. Not bad. It's not going to win any awards or anything, but it was fast paced and entertaining. We enjoyed it. Otherwise it was a lazy day with big portions of stew for dinner.

Jan is still in FL... which means daddy is no better, but he's still here.

There is more I want to write about, but it is one of those gray areas of sharing. Will it be too much information? Would Trav not want me to share? I hate feeling restricted on what I should write, especially with something like this which is weighing heavily on my mind. I've had plenty on my mind lately anyway... some friends that never call, wondering if I should even bother to continue to make the effort for them... money stuffs... and now this new thing, baby stuff. Let's just say that it looks like Trav and I aren't going to be having babies for a long long time, and it makes me sad. Especially since it seems that I don't have anyone in the same position who gets how I feel. I'm frustrated, and not explaining myself well (here or IRL), so Travis doesn't get why I'm frustrated... and everytime I bring it up to try to explain myself he just wonders why we are talking about it again. Grr.

I guess that's all I really can say about that at the moment. In which case, that's all I have to say.

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