fun news! (and pretty pictures!)

First the weekend... then the news. :-)

Saturday I was pretty busy. I had a hair appointment, then my friend's daughter's birthday party, then we had dinner at Ro & Pat's. So I headed up to the Lehigh Valley early. It was such a pretty day when I left... I bit overcast, but it wasn't too chilly and the air smelled so good! Like leaves.
On my way up it started to pour... which made highway driving interesting... but it stopped again by the time I arrived at my parents. They were all out, so I entertained myself by playing with Lady:

That's one of her favorite toys... her frizbee.
It's so pretty by my parent's this time of year... so colorful!

Skyeler's party was nice because I always love the chance to see my girls... it doesn't happen nearly enough!

After that it was back home to grab Trav and head over to Ro & Pat's for dinner and relaxing. I had to snap a picture of Ro while I was there as we've both been busy for the past few weeks and haven't been able to get together... her belly is still growing (28 weeks):

Sunday I met Ro at the state park for some walking. It felt really good! Especially since I haven't gotten a lot of walking in since the 3-day... we've been too busy to fit it in.
The day was perfect for it too:

After that I swung by Home Depot to grab one of Trav's Christmas presents. It was big and heavy and barely fit in my car. In fact, the guy who was helping me had to tie it into my truck. Lol. So I had a slow drive home, where luckily there was a neighbor available to help me carry it inside.

Then it was time to get to work. Trav had primed our closet while I was out on Saturday, so it was my turn to paint while he was up at Lehigh for a greek alumni council meeting. So two coats of paint, many hours, and more then a few brain cells later... I came out of the closet.

This isn't a great picture, but it was nice by the time I took it... so that's why it looks like two colors, its the shadow cast by the room lighting. The actual color is like the lighter of the two shades, a bit darker then the wainscoting. Yay, another checkmark!

So that was our weekend. Busy, but good. Now our news. Trav talked to his brother on Sunday... who's dog apparently just had puppies. 9 of them! He offered and we discussed it... and we decided that we're getting a puppy! :-) A little girl yellow lab. We are very excited for our new addition, although we have a bit of a wait. They were just born... literally just. Just after midnight on the 9th. Plus his brother will be coming into town at the end of January, so he asked if we wanted him to just bring the puppy then so that we don't have to make an extra trip out. Now we just have to figure out a name (right now the only possibility that we've agreed on is Daisy). So that is out big news!

Anyway, here it is Monday morning... and its shaping up to be a busy week. Tons of normal stuff to do, plus three events next week to prepare for... and our biggest event of the year on Thursday! Wish me luck, and off I go!

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