i'm sick.

Ugh... so the thing I haven't been writing about for the past few days (though I've been posting like freakin' mad, haven't I?!), while I've been in my politico mode, is that I'm sick. Its that time of year and I have the worst, miserable cold. So I'm a lovely mess of sniffing, nose blowing, sneezing, puffy eyes and achiness all topped with a slowly reddening nose. Fun! I'm generally feeling draggy and a bit out of it... and you can see it in my pale face (as proven by my fellow train rider last night who took one look at me and went, "Ohh, you're sick aren't you." Why yes, and thank you so much for noticing and pointing it out! Really. That's awesome of you!).

I'm just hoping that I feel better by next Thursday, for my work's biggest event of the year! A 14ish hour day, plus having to be "on" with all our big money peeps... ugh, not the greatest time to be ill. Not to mention, I'm sick of blowing my nose and really don't feel like going to this event looking like Rodolph! Lol.

But I am feeling better today then I was, following a good night sleep and a dose of Warming Liquid. And I do have a fun weekend to look forward to. Hopefully I'll have more pictures of the guest bedroom to share come monday.

Well, I really do need to get back to it. Lots of work to do.

Ps. Story in Pictures: Obama... so beautiful and moving. Really captures the whole scene in a different way.

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