things to look forward to

1. Friday! And being done with the Annual Dinner! It's stressing me out.

2. Puppy!

3. Sunday! And not stressing myself out anymore about wanting Ro's shower to be perfect, since that's what she deserves (all internal stress, not from her! just to clarify!).

4. Ohh, and puppy!!!

5. Next Friday! And being done with the three events we have next week! Not to mention, hopefully all caught up at work. (Can you tell work is bugging the crap out of me right now?)

6. Oh, and then there's that puppy! ;-)

Can you tell I'm already looking forward to the end of January? :-)

Also. Walked last night with my breast buddy, Kate. It was nice to just walk. Trav cleaned up the floor while I was out... so when I got back we moved the futon back into the room (plus a little side table), he hung the new bar in the closet, and I put up the dots! No pictures yet because I had to order some more... but it looks awesome! Even better then I imagined!
Still lots of moving stuff to do in the room, but its getting there.

Well, back to work for me... but a few more pics to end with:

Ps. Happy Veteran's day. My mom's parents both, and my dad's dad were/are veterans. I have friends my age who are also veterans. I thank them all for the sacrifices they made to protect my rights and freedoms. Today is for them.

And on that note, this made me teary:

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  1. I like to be cryptic... bwahaha...
    No, really, it's just a lot of stuff involving a friend of mine that then stirred up a lot of other stuff from my past.


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