what a weekend!!

Right now I'm sitting here, with my heater on full blast (even though its actually suposed to be pretty warm today!), tallying up baby shower RSVPs, drinking a big container of OJ with an Airborne in it... just hoping that it will do something benificial when it comes to my sore, swollen throat and general feeling of Ugh. Not my favorite way to start a monday, but c'est la vie. Seriously though... what a weekend! For having "nothing" to do, we sure got a lot done.

First, Friday! Office closed and Phillies Parade to attend! It was crazy! Packed!

I took the 11:25 which got me into the city around 11:45, with the parade set to start at noon. Suburban Station, we heard about 5 minutes out, was CLOSED! Too full to let more people off. Right as we were about to pass through though, it re-opened... so off I got. Headed to my normal exit... can't get out, the streets are so packed you literally can't get out of the stairwell. Second exit, the same... third, fourth, the same! Finally the fifth exit I headed too you could just squeeze out. I was on Broad and headed down a bit until I found a spot to park myself, just before Chestnut.

Here's the view where the parade was turning from Market onto Broad:

Crazy packed! People were standing on every free surface... sidewalks, planters, steps, statues, etc... and hanging out of windows above too. It was a beautiful clear, warm day... perfect for the parade, although I'm sure the turnout would have been just as good if I had been cold and rainy. These fans were there to support!

Phillies Phanatic:

There's the trophy:

People watching from a ledge on the tenth? twelveth? floor:

Willy Penn atop city hall, with confetti:

Baseball players:

More baseball player:

Afterwards I headed to the office, just for a clean bathroom, and a few minutes of quiet! As I was walking in... I ran into Miyano, Hiro, and Yu-yu walking out. I got to snap a picture of Yuilu dressed in his bat costume before they turned for home:

I relaxed for a little, just to give the mob a chance to spread out a bit... then headed to 30th St station... which I figured would be less packed then Suburban. I was right... but it was still PACKED:

I was able to just squeeze on the next train that came through (all the seats were full, plus there were two rows of people standing in the aisle) ... though a lot of people had to wait for the next train. Once I got home, I lit our pumpkins, lit our fall scented candle, turned on the porch light, and relaxed until Trav got home. Then I change into my costume (I was a Hogwarts witch! Lol.) to wait for the trick-or-treaters:

I'm such a dork. :-) We watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show while we handed out candy, which was great... I love that movie. We really didn't get many kids though, a bit disappointing. I think it was definitely our slowest year yet. I'm wondering if some people were just too tired out from the parade earlier, and spend the night in.

Saturday we got up, ate, then headed straight to the guest bedroom to get to work. It took much of the day, but we got the rest of the wainscoting up. Plus we took out two shelves in the closet (the only real "renovations" we're making in there)... which makes it look a lot neater, and actually is much more practical.

Sunday Trav primed a few spots that still needed to be primed on the bottom of the door jams and the heater cover, then we headed to breakfast. Afterwards we were able to return some extra wainscoting panels and caulk at the Home Depot (they are great about returns!)... then headed home where we painted all the trim and wainscoting:

I honestly couldn't be more thrilled with how it looks!! It turned out great!
Now all we have to do is re-clean the floor (since it is dusty as hell now), paint the closet, and put up the dots! We're so close!

And just to refresh your memory, a before/after:

Such an improvement!

Okay, back to work for me. And I'm sure I don't have to remind you, but tomorrow is election day people... so don't forget to vote!!!!

Ps. In that political vein: a piece from the blurbomat and from mrs. blue, which together, sum up my feelings nicely.

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