uncomfortable (TMI)

I'm so uncomfortable right now. I woke up this morning having to pee like a sonofa... but unable to really pee, coupled with pressure, some burning, and a teeny tinge of blood. Oh, its a UTI of course. My first, and I'm so not happy. I missed my normal train playing phone tag with my doc, but a few hours later here I am at work chugging water and cranberry juice like there is no tomorrow, with a filled prescription which I get to enjoy twice a day, straight through turkey day. Wee!

(Excuse me, I have to pee...)

Other then that things are fine (though that certainly makes it hard to concentrate on anything else!). I worked a little late Tuesday, since the event we had put me behind in everything else I was working on (I get so much more done when the office is empty and quiet). We went out to dinner that night, which was nice. Yesterday was another event, but a lazy evening at home with our leftovers from the night before. Today is another(!) event, our third of the week... and I think its pretty obvious that I'll be doing nothing tonight, since I'm rather distracted by my nether regions at the moment. Yee-haw.

Otherwise, I'm still just counting down the days until I get to be off of work for 9 days! (Two, including today, I can handle that.)

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  1. yuck utis suck. But the good thing is that the antibiotics work quick. Even though you will still be taking the meds next week your syptoms should be gone in the next few days feel better soon


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