quicky while I wait for lunch

My coworkers and I ordered some soups and salads from Apple.bees for delivery (french onion and Caesar for me, with a raspberry lemonade). I thought I would post a quicky while we waited for it to arrive.

Last night Trav and I ran out to the store to order Ro's baby shower cake (well, technically our second one... but I was not happy with the first place and their options, so now I'm feeling a lot better), and pick up the last minute food stuffs I need for this weekend. I think I'm pretty much all ready. Doesn't make me less nervous, but at least I'm ready.
Trav also did some laundry so I have my clothes for our big event tomorrow. Plus we moved our bookshelf from the dining room upstairs to the office and loaded all our books back onto it (we definitely need another shelving unit, the one we have is filled to bursting... we have a ton of books). That takes care of most of the stuff from the dining room... but we still have a bunch of sorting/moving to do from the office. Slowly but surely!

Okay, lunch is here... off I go.

Ps. A great video about "if you really want to protect marriage, ban divorce!" Uses all the logic that Prop 8 supporters use, but against divorce. Check it out here.

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