huge, contented sigh

I can't even begin to tell you how nice the past few days have been. Waking up on my own. Relaxing. It's been so nice. Just what I needed after the last few weeks of craziness. I'm so glad I have four more days before I have to go back to work.

It's also been productive around here! Our house is looking better and better! I've been straightening, cleaning, donating, and throwing away. I've taken two big garbage bags worth of stuff to the goodwill already, and I have a half-dozen items to take as well. We're rearranged things to fit better/look nicer... and I believe Trav will be putting a shelf in the top of my closet soon, so that will give us some more space to work with! Today I'm vacuuming, and doing a big kitchen clean. At that point I think we'll be good to go for tomorrow. We still have way too much stuff, and we still have a lot to sort through... but its better then its been in here for a while.

So, our mock-Thanksgiving this past weekend with Ro & Pat went great. We had so much food!! I forgot to take any pictures (grr!)... but we made a turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, corn, and crescent rolls. Ro & Pat brought green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows, and two pies for dessert. So. Much. Food. But sneaky Travis managed to send almost all of the leftovers home with Ro & Pat. ;-) Which is good because we barely have room in the fridge for tomorrows 15lb turkey as is. It was good that we did that though... our trial run definitely helped me feel more confident in "the real deal" tomorrow.

Yesterday I also took some time for me, in between all the cleaning. I headed to the movies for a solo viewing of Twilight. Now I've read all the books, and enjoyed them. They aren't great novels to span the ages, nor are they harry potter. BUT they're quick reads, entertaining, and it was easy to feel like you knew the characters. I definitely wanted to see the movie. All in all, it wasn't too bad. Entertaining... though I wonder what its like if you haven't read the books (actually, would anyone who hasn't read the books go see the movie? probably not.). I feel like I enjoyed the movie because I could fill in its blanks on my own. I think it wasn't perfectly cast, and the in some places it was overplayed. But part of that is just, how do you deal with making a movie out of a book that spends so much time on the physical perfection of half its main characters? Of course some casting can't live up to that. As for the overplayed part. Eh, there are a lot of heavy moments that made me want to laugh instead of swoon... but that's going to happen when you go see a movie aimed at a tween age group. I enjoyed it though, and at least it was a break from cleaning!! :-)

Well, speaking of cleaning... back to it for me! More after the holiday... and this time, I will remember pictures!

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