i'm tired.

It was a good weekend, but it was a long weekend... and I'm still tired. Trav and I had a big discussion yesterday full of things with I had to get out and into the open, things that were hard to say and I'm sure harder to hear... which turned into a fight, since they were hard to hear (but, I must say again, needed to be discussed). Now we're fine... we ended the day on a positive note, but it was draining and not how either of us was looking forward to ending the weekend.

I'm not ready for a Monday either, but at least I have a whole week off (next week) to look forward to. I can handle 5 days of work when I know there are 9 days of relaxing to follow. Plus Thanksgiving! Which is always a good time.

So, the weekend...
Friday Trav had the day "off" to go to an event at the Phillies stadium sponsored by a company that wants businesses like Trav's to use their product. So he went to check it out and enjoy all the extras they threw at everyone. That included a tour of the stadium, meeting the Phanatic, and getting to walk on the field. Plus food and drink and all that jazz. Here are some pictures from his tour:

I think he got some good ones... and kudos to whoever snapped the one of him being strangled by the Phanatic. ;-)

Saturday was Ro's baby shower. Something that had been stressing me a bit (as I said)... but which turned out great! Everything looked good, and it all came together nicely. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and most importantly, Ro was really happy.

(It says: "The S***** family is growing by two feet")

Ro got lots of good swag:

I love my mommy:
She was the biggest help and I couldn't have done it without her! She made so much good food for the party (we had so much food!! finger sandwiches, quiche, wraps), and came early with me to help me get everything set up. Trav also made some great food, including his pepperoni dip and these pinwheel things that are pickles wrapped in cream cheese and ham. They sound weird, but they were so damn good! And he was so proud of himself since not only were they tastey, but they were the colors I was using for the shower (pink, green, and white)! Plus, who doesn't associate pickles with pregnant ladies. ;-)
Anyway, I was so lucky to have so much help.

After the party, the boys (who had gone to see a movie) came back and put together Ro's two big items: her glider chair (from Piper, Sabrina, and I) and her jogging stroller (from some of Pat's extended family). Here she is giving the glider a try:

She was definitely happy with it!

Sunday was a much lazier day. It was all about finally getting to relax after the stress of work and party planning. I met Ro to go walking in the morning, then headed home where Trav and I proceeded to get in our fight. After that I just relaxed and watched TV (what was up with the ends of the Eagles [a TIE?! are you freakin kidding] and Steelers games [that touchdown that wasn't a touchdown]? Both were weird!). In the evening Trav and I snuggled our hurt feelings away, and now we're on to a new week.

Now if I can just make it through the three events I have this week... not to mention the cold cold cold weather and possible snow... then I have Lehigh/Lafayette to look forward to this weekend (just a brief visit), followed by a mock-Thanksgiving with Ro & Pat. Next week, my plan is to finish cleaning up, decluttering, putting away around the house to get it ready for guests come Thursday. Not to mention, some shopping for all the food items with need. Then it's December already! Where the hell is the time going?

For now though, its back to work since I still have so much to do to catch up.

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