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So I did pictures, and recipes from the weekend... now lets get to all the other stuff.

Friday night Trav and I had a big fight. A blow out. An "I had to go comfort the dog because she was upset that her people were yelling and upset" fight. I did go down to her at midnight, take her outside, rub her belly & scratch ears, tell her everything was okay, then tuck her back into her crate before heading up to bed myself. We all slept, though maybe not well, and Saturday morning Trav & I talked it all out... each walking away with things to work on. Saturday night we all slept a lot better. We are fine now, more then fine... as he put it, "we are happy and in love." Well said my dear.

Monday afternoon I had a dentist appointment. Man do I hate going to the dentist! I've only had one cavity in my life, and its never a bad experience really... I just have this fear of the place that I can't shake. It was never like that with the dentist I went to as a kid, I loved them and wish I could still go there. The people I go to now, while good (and close to work) are a lot rougher, and I always walk away from my appointment with a mouth that feels clean but also worked over. Monday was no different (although better then past experiences)... and at one point she slipped and jabbed my gum with the scrapy thing. Ouch!

Luckily after that I had a really nice experience to make me forget about my mouth. I headed down to the Maccabeam for some Shawarma for my boss and I. It was hot as hell, so I was already sweating when I got there... but I ordered and went to pay, when I realized their credit card machine was down and I only had $10 on hand. One of the guys noticed me looking unsure and asked what was wrong, when I explained he walked outside to talk to the owner (who was sitting at a table on the sidewalk). A slew of Hebrew followed and when all was said and done the owner walked in and told the cashier not to take my money, and told me that I could just pay the next time I came! They definitely will have a repeat customer in me!
(I did go back yesterday to give them their money. Sweet guys.)

I think I also worked that lunch off before even eating it as I sweated my way back to my office... damn was it hot! Luckily the A/C we hooked up for Daisy seems to be doing the trick, although I'm sure she's thrilled that today is only supposed to be in the high 50s (uh, what the hell Mother Nature?!). Back into the 70 later this week (perrrfect...), but we're not expected to see sun until next week. Its raining now... and my only hope is that I get at least one thunderstorm out of this! Doesn't seem like too much to ask!

That's about all I got... I've caught you up to today, since the rest of my time has been spent working, playing with the pup, doing house stuff, or reading (I'm working on A Thousand Splendid Suns right now... very good). So, to end... GG, from Sunday. Sorry if you're tired of seeing cute babies. ;-)

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