springy things

Wow, I know that I was all "yay its spring" before, and was even looking all over for the springy things... but spring suddenly hit me right in the face this past weekend! In a good way! It started friday with the sun showers (I still got my walk in!), then saturday with the warm weather which continued into sunday. I had been looking for spring growth, and suddenly I noticed it everywhere! Buds on bushes, little flowers pushing their lovely heads out of the brown and green earth, trees in blooms of white, pink, and red. I love it.

Daisy loved the hell out of it too:

She would spend all day and night outside if we would let her - just running around, chewing sticks, laying in the grass. She was a happy pup this weekend, sunning herself until her coat was warm to the touch.

And the flowers aren't the only things growing... I got to see, hold, feed, eat up GG this weekend and I can't believe how big she is getting.

The little bean is 2 months, and she's already in her 3-6 month clothes.

She's such a happy, smily girl now. And when you lay her in her bassinet downstairs, she just loves to talk to the bears! She coos and smiles... honestly she adores them and it is the sweetest thing. She's in such a great stage, where the smiles are finally real.

This weekend was a nice one. Besides spending time with Ro & GG (while the boys enjoyed their night doing boy things... lol), Trav, Daisy, & I drove up to the Lehigh Valley on Saturday. Trav & Daisy went to Lehigh for a fraternity thing, and I headed to my parents and a hair appointment. We were both pleasantly surprised at how well she did! She whined a little when we first started off, but I moved into the back seat with her... which helped. By the end of the ride she was laying out on the seat, chewing her toys and enjoying sticking her nose out the window. On the way back she even napped! A good thing too, since we want to take her with us to Cape Cod this summer.

Meanwhile, my face has taken a nosedive into the ridiculously broken out... hormones?

Okay, back to my monday night. Ta-ta.

(Happy Birthday to Daisy... 5 months old today!!)

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