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I've been thinking about shoes lately. Not just any shoes, but my lovely perfect green ones which I wear all. the. time. My lovely perfect green shoes which Daisy decided to eat the insoles out of. Grr.
Luckily the shoes themselves are just fine... but I was a bit pissed anyway. Can't really wear shoes without the insoles! And do you know how many types of insoles there are? There are some that are too short, some that are too thick and would make the shoes too tight, some that are too thin and not offer enough support, some that are made for heels which obviously wouldn't work, and some that are made for athletic shoes which also wouldn't work. I spent 15 damn minutes in the insole section of Rite.Aid the other day just trying to find one freakin pair that would work. You know what I did with that pair? That $8 pair? Returned them the next day because I knew the moment I got home and took them out of the package that they wouldn't work.
What did work? The $1.19 Rite.Aid special... no frills, no nothing but a thin layer of cushy foam cut in the shape of a shoe. Ahh, yay for having my shoes back.

On a side note, I wonder how all my favorite bloggers find funny stuff to write about all the time when this is the crap that happens in my life.

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