I had all sorts of things I wanted to blog about... where did they all go? I really need to be able to blog from the shower or the toilet, because that's where I always end up thinking of things, only to forget them again before I get to a computer.

I snapped this picture Tuesday evening on my walk to the train. This is what I love about Philly (pardon the crappy cell phone quality):

So pretty, right?
It's the new Comcast building, all glass and sky.

Oh... and look at the top left-ish... I caught a rainbow and didn't even realize it!

Ahh, I remember some of the things now... prepare for some rambling.
I'm pretty much done with my period now. Which is awesome. But that means I'm done (for the most part) blogging about any cycle/pregnancy related stuff because even though I would talk about it on here if we had another miscarriage, and of course any pregnancies will eventually be reported here too... well we just don't want the pressure, I guess. We don't necessarily want everyone to know if we get pregnant in case it doesn't end well, again. Even though people would probably find out about it then. Not to mention that I'm sure I'm just going to be scared about it a lot and I don't know if I want that all out there. Does that make sense? If not, that's okay... because half the time it doesn't make sense to me either, and I would sometimes rather just keep letting it all out here. But I think Trav would prefer the former, so that's what I'll do. Plus I think we won't be telling basically anyone "in real life" if we get pregnant again, so we wouldn't want some people to find out here while others don't know. That makes more sense.

Also good about my period wrapping up is that I have finally seen some progress with my skin! Don't know if its the end of the hormonal period time, or the Head&Shoulders, or the better eating I've been doing... but my skin has finally started to look a little better! Finally! It's not great, but its at least somewhat better.

Last night Trav and I took the pup for a walk, and I planted my freesia bulbs which came in yesterday. Oops, thats what was going to happen before I walked to the far train station under ominous skies and the rain started as we finished dinner. We did take Daisy for a (wet) walk, but it was short and the hurried trip home was accompanied by rolls of thunder. Hopefully the planting can be done tonight, and maybe a longer walk that doesn't involve the fear of being struck by lightning.
Most of the flowers will go in the front bed (beyond the reach of puppy teeth!), but I'll put a few in the back... just to see if she'll pay them any attention. I can't wait for them to come up! Freesias are so beautiful and smell amazing. I'll post pictures when they do bloom.

Speaking of the crazy dog, I think we scheduled her spaying just in time since last night she tried to hump her pillow into submission. It was the first time she had done anything like that and she didn't do it again for the rest of the night or this morning, so hopefully it won't become a habit in the next few weeks.

And just to end on an adorable note... some random GG:

(That's me feeding her.)

That's all for now. My random thoughts. I have work to do, and walks to take (Jan agreed to go out with me today). So off I go.

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