Have you ever done something, for vanity reasons, that you're a little embarrassed to admit to?
I've started washing my skin with Head&Shoulders Intensive Treatment shampoo. Someone told me that it cleared their crazy acne right up, and heavens, if that wasn't all it took before I ran out, bought a bottle, and smeared it all over myself. Its only been three days... so no change yet, but believe me... I'll be going on about it if it does work. I'll give it two weeks. Two because this first week might be a wash, considering I ... just ... got ... my ... period! Woot. Sorry for all the info, but that means our "loss cycle" is finally over and we can start trying again! I've never been this happy to get my damn period!

Today I'm wearing this:
The "Normal's Overrated" shirts that I got for Trav & I for Easter. Do any of you watch House? Trav and I love it, and this is from it. Recently a main cast member on House committed suicide (on the show! in real life he's going to work for the white house)... which the show is using to help raise awareness about suicide. They teamed up with NBC to create shirts with the House-ism "Normal’s Overrated", proceeds of which will go to NAMI. You can get your own here.

Just thought I would let you all know. Pretty cool, I think.

I have to run... I have mucho work to do, and definitely want to get out and take a walk this afternoon, so I need to get it done now. But I am going to leave you with the new Harry Potter trailer! Looks damn good and I can't wait!



  1. I love the shirt! Me and my husband are huge House fans and saw that episode. I am buying us both shirts today thanks for letting me know. Yay for your period showing up! Mine showed a few days ago it showed up 35 days after my D&C on March 9th. It does feel good to have it back and for me to know we can start trying again for our healthy baby. It took me awhile to get to that point where I even wanted to try again but I think I am ready.
    Love the Harry Potter trailer! I can't wait to see that movie and Star Trek is also looking really good! Have a wonderful afternoon walk with Daisy!!

  2. Thank you for the sweet comment on my dress the wedding is next weekend and we are getting so excited for my cousin! I just bought the House tops today for me and my husband it feels so good to give back to such a good cause and of course wear one of our favorite quotes from House. You have also inspired me to eat healthier and I am now stocking our fridge with more fruits and veggies and working out every day. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  3. Haha I like the shirt a lot! I love clothes with awesome/funny slogans. :)


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