I've had this window open for most of the day, but not the time or words to put in it. I'm busy since I was away, but have so little desire to do any of my work. I am, obviously! But it is not going quickly, and do man I wish I could be doing anything else.

I had coffee today with my friend Nick, and made it completely awkward by tearing a little about the sweet text message I got from him post miscarriage. Just something simple saying that he was so sorry and was there for me if I needed to talk to anyone. Simple, but exactly what I needed to hear... and perfect considering I wasn't sure how he was going to react, being a single guy so not trying to have a baby at the moment. Today was the first time I'd seen him since then, and leave it to me to make things awkward. Oops. But he was sweet and just gave me the biggest hug.

Besides that brief relapse, I've been good. Helps that I finally stopped bleeding/spotting 2 days ago at 21 days post D&E. ::Knock on wood!:: I also had some CM & ovulation type pains two nights ago, so I might possibly be ovulating. Maybe. Hopefully that means I'll be getting my period in ~2 weeks. Then we can finally be done with this loss cycle and start trying again. I am having cramps now though, so I don't really know what those are about.

That's about all the time I have to blog right now... I have to get back to work. But hopefully I'll have some cute GG pictures to share come Monday since this weekend we're doing guys and girls nights... Ro & I with GG at their place, Trav & Pat with Daisy at our place. Hopefully tomorrow will fly by.

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