I've been thinking about religion a lot lately... yup, religion and shoes, I'm a well rounded woman. Trav and I had talked some when I was pregnant about finding a church to attend (right now he wants a Catholic church). He wants our kids to be baptized/christened and obviously you have to attend a church for that to happen. I also would love for our kids to have that and be raised in a tradition of faith. When we lost the babe, that discussion was dropped for the time being.

But, this article: The End of Christian America, put it back on my mind. Meacham talks about how the percentage of American's who don't identify with a religion is growing, but how that's not necessarily a bad thing. I agree with him completely, and feel that as long as you have a full life and find other outlets, you don't have to identify with a religion. You can be spiritual in your own way without identifying with a religion... which is how I've been for a long time. BUT for me, well, I really WANT to identify with a religion now.

I took this quiz a while ago, the "Belief'O'Matic", which helps you identify which religion your beliefs most align with. I think my top three might have switched around a bit, but they're still the same: Liberal Quaker (100% match!), Reformed Judaism (96% match), Unitarian Universalism, and Neo-Pagan.

As you've probably figured out, I believe strongly in equal rights for all... including same sex marriages (speaking of which: Go Iowa!! Go Vermont!! Go DC!!). It's important to me that whatever religion I choose to follow not condemn that belief. I am also pro-choice, a big believer in environmental activism and being good to the earth, and want a religion that doesn't condemn those who don't believe the exact same thing. All of these are a good match for those wants.

Trav's matches were rather eclectic... with the top two being Orthodox Judaism and Hinduism. Catholic was #5, I was kind of hoping it wouldn't show up, so I could try to talk him out of a Catholic church being our church of choice. ;-) Ah well.

I wrote before about going to a UU church... which was fine, but didn't feel like the place for me. I should go back again, give it one more shot. And last night I did some online searching... there are two Quaker meeting houses very near our place. I'm not sure about that either, since they aren't church services as one normally finds... but I definitely would like to try it out. I'm sure there are synagogues around too, I just have to look. It's just so hard to find the right place, especially for the first time. Once I find that religion that speaks to me, if we move, I'll just go to the closest house of worship for that religion. Right now though, I feel like I'm starting from scratch.

Oh well, I don't really have anywhere to go with this now. There's no resolution for the moment, so I guess I'll just end this. But I'd love to hear what you think. Or if you have any suggestions from your own life and how you found the place that felt like spiritual home! Thanks!

PS. Please pray for a friend of mine who is going through a rough time right now... she feels very lost and heartbroken, and she could use lots of positive thoughts. Thanks!


  1. I go to a UU church (after being Catholic for many years) and love it. One thing I'll say is that each community (and each service even) can vary. Maybe go again or try another UU church in the area if there is one. Good luck finding the right place!

  2. I was just about to say everything that motherwilling said. I was raised as a UU and I agree go to another congregation, you may find it a better fit


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