get your ass outside for earth week!

This morning the wind was blowing so hard and steadily that the falling white blooms from the tree in the train station parking lot made it look like it was snowing. It was actually really pretty, although I very much appreciated the fact that there was no frozen water involved.
There is however, lots of water coming from the sky today... and for the rest of the week from what the weather channel is telling me. And it is chilly today, especially compared to how beautiful it was this weekend. And boy was it beautiful!

Trav's experiment of seeing if the dog will have a nap with him on the weekends post-first potty trip is still going pretty well. (He wakes at 5 something to let her out in the morning, same as work days... but would love to get more sleep without having to stick her back in her crate. So he has been taking her into the guest bedroom and they sleep together there until I come find them.) I normally wake up around 8, then head into the guest bedroom to see my two loves.
Daisy loves that part... oh, she found us! She'll get up then and wander around the room sniffing, and has started hiding under the bed.

Pretty soon there is no way she'll be able to get under there... or maybe it will just be a lot harder for her to get out!

Ro and I met at 1 to walk around the state park. It was a gorgeous day! In the 70s, and sunny... I wore shorts and a t-shirt for the first time this year. The nice weather also meant that GG got to come with us... her first time spent outdoors (minus going to and from the car/daycare/doctors), and her first time in the stroller.

She did great! Only fussing twice the whole five miles, and both times were because she wanted to eat. She slept a bunch too. AND she also had her first ride on the swings:

She actually loved that! The breeze on her face must have felt nice.
The whole walk just reminded my how much I love being outside... how much I love nature... and how glad I am that warm weather is coming!!
While I was gone Trav did some work in the yard... filling holes that Daisy had dug by the fence and lining the back fence with wooden beams too keep her from digging new ones. It actually looks really nice.

That night Ro & Pat, Trav & I, headed to Jeremy & Kerry's place. Kerry's friend Alex was there too with her daughter, Audrey.

Audrey was so in love with GG... just enthralled with her.

We had such a great time, we decided we want to try and do it once a month.

Saturday night we had quite the surprise, waking up to a dog in our bedroom at 3 in the morning! Trav stayed up later then I did, and swears he shut her tightly in her crate... but of course you start to question yourself. It was the weirdest thing, and probably just a fluke... but last night I had constant dreams about Daisy repeatedly escaping from her crate. It made for a less then restful evening.

Sunday was so much lazier... movies, BBQing at home, and lots of relaxing. We weren't completely lazy though. Trav cleaned up some in the kitchen, and I cleaned Henry's cage (our hermit crab), decluttered the top of my dresser, and went through my collection of purses/bags and my closet to pull out a garbage bags worth to give to Good.will. I also re-hung all of my stuff that was supposed to be in my closet. Trav had taken it all down when he hung the shelf in there for me (months ago)... and I had only gotten around to putting about half of it back! The rest was just in a laundry basket on the floor by the closet. No good. Now its all back in place and I can find my stuff again!

Now its back to work... which I really really didn't want to get up for this morning. This weekend just seemed to fly by way too quickly! But I have plenty to do, so hopefully the week will pass by quickly as well.

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