i sort of wish...

I could just post all these secret entries already. We're keeping secret for a reason, but I'm just so damn excited to share already. I can't wait for our first ultrasound in just about a month! I can't wait until we share the news about a month after that! I can't wait until February!!!

If I were publishing these then you would get to read about how right now I'm already getting struck by these incredible urges to clean our entire house. I want to throw things away and make room and organize. Morning sickness hasn't even hit yet and here I am semi-nesting. I'm sure I will be a sight to behold at 9 months. Beware the crazy nesting pregnant lady!

By-the-by, had a thought: canNOT wait for Cape Cod, but wondering how its going to be not telling the in-laws for the whole week we're there? Not that I'm a big drinker anyway, but I'm sure they'll notice that I don't have one drink the entire week... not even a glass of wine. I'll probably try faking a mixed drink. Ginger ale with a little water and say its Jamison and Ginger? Or cranberry with water/lime and call it a Cape Codder?
We'll see what happens with morning sickness, etc... that may be harder to hide!

4w, 3d

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