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Today is my best friend Babs' birthday.

My wonderful, spunky, fabulous Babwa. How I love this girl!! And I just hope that this coming year is even better for her then the past one. I know this lady has great things in store for her... and I hope you'll join me in wishing her an amazing birthday.

Happy Birthday my Babs, I love you!

In other celebratory news... tonight Trav and I are having a date night! :-) Or, at least, that's the current plan. We're going to the Sonic (our first time... we've been wanting to check out Sonic for ages, but the closest is about a 35 minute drive on 95), and I might just get dressed up. It's just a Sonic... but its something new and different! So why not make it a celebration!

Yesterday ended up being such a productive day. Busy, a bit stressful, but productive. Besides renewing my license (which was so fast! i was happy about that), I cleared anything the needed to be processed from Jan's mailbox and email, so its not waiting for her return, and worked on an upcoming program we're cosponsoring. I'm so glad that I have an intern coming (also from Lehigh) for Jan, Miyano, and I next week! So damn glad. I have a whole stack of things for her to file for Jan, and odds & ends for her to do for me so that I can not be bogged down in the small, nitty-gritty things anymore, and can get the big things done.

Today is rainy and cold. High of only 60... this is the weirdest spring. We get sweltering for a few days, then rainy and cold cold cold for a while. I don't mind though, at least I'm not sweating my ass off yet. :-) Well, I have to get back to it now. So much more to do!

Ps. Just for fun I took this quiz on facebook, and thought I would share the results... since I thought they fit me well. Vacation to South Dakota anyone?

Megan completed the quiz "What U.S. state do you belong in?" with the result South Dakota.
You prefer pine trees to palm trees, rivers to oceans, and mountains to skyscrapers. You pride yourself on your independence and open-minded attitude. You consider yourself extremely self-sufficient, but you have an extremely close-knit group of friends and family that you would do anything for. Everyone that knows you adores you and you have absolutely no enemies. You don't envy those with money, nice cars, or huge mansions, because you know that "the finer things" in life aren't material. You are extremely well-educated and will most definitely end up in a career that will make a difference in the world. Although you know you don't need to be in a relationship to be happy, you will be completely and entirely lovestruck by someone that is enamored by your inner beauty. . .

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  1. Happy Birthday to Babs!

    The date night at Sonic is too funny....we did the exact same thing when one opened near us. We even waited almost 30 min to get a spot. It was silly and low-key and perfect.


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