oh monday, monday

Mondays always come too early... have you ever noticed that? Because its true.

Our weekend was very nice though. I walked with Ro on Saturday, which was good because I've been feeling a bit lazy lately! I've been running out of time after word to walk to the far train station, so half the time I don't get that in... and the past few weeks something has come up to keep me from walking with Katie on Wednesdays. So! I've felt rather lazy, which made me very happy to get out and about with Ro.

The rest of the day we did some cleaning up and movie watching. It was a nice day.

Sunday we started off watching Daisy have a great time playing with her little pug friend from down the street.

Then we prepared to head to Willy's (Daisy too!) for a visit. We had hoped to see Trav's older brother and fam as they passed through on their way to Cape Cod this week, but we had to leave before they got in. We did leave their dog crate at Willy's, the one they brought Daisy in:

It's hard to believe that she ever fit in that thing!!

After Willy's we headed back home to drop the pup off, then out to Rose Tree Park in Media for a picnic and concert with Ro, Pat, & GG. RTP has a free summer concert series, basically everyday from June until August, and last night Blackthorn (an Irish band) was playing. We brought a bunch of snacks, I whipped up some chicken salad, and we met about two hours before the actually concert to eat and relax. We brought a blanket, Ro & Pat had some chairs, and we got some good seats thanks to arriving so early.

We actually only stayed for about half of the show, since it didn't start until 7:30... and we all had work today (plus a puppy who didn't want to be in her crate anymore and a baby that needed to get home to her crib), but we were there until about 9, and had a great time.

That's about all for our weekend. I can't believe how it flew by... how they always fly by. It was very nice though, a little slice of lovely, and at least this coming week is a short one (with no boss to boot).

I have to dash off to get some work done... but I wanted to leave you with some beautiful pictures from my dad and brother's trip out to the Badlands. They were all so beautiful it was hard to just pick a handful out of the ~80 he took. But hopefully you enjoy these.
(You might have to click on them to see the full image, for some reason they are coming up large.)

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