where did yesterday go?

Never got around to writing yesterday, the day was just too busy. Not that I'm complaining... believe me, I love when Mondays pass by in a flash!! We had another little thing in the office already this morning, after having one yesterday in the middle of the day... but the nice thing about both of those? Free chow! LOL... yesterday there were sandwiches for lunch and today breakfast, and we got to eat whatever was leftover. So I'm full of bagel, cream cheese, blueberries, and fresh orange juice right now. Mmm.

This weekend was relaxing. More down time with movie watching (Rachel Getting Married... depressing at times, but very very good) and puppy playing. I did work on down and come with Daisy a bunch, since those are two commands that we never really purposefully taught her, and that I really want her to learn before Cape Cod. Still needs a little work, but she's doing good. Really good. And everytime she lays down when I tell her to I just want to kiss her sweet puppy face because she looks very proud of herself, and I feel so proud. :-) Yes, I'm that kind of dog owner.

The other thing I did this weekend? Tried two new things. I had my first Big Mac, and consequently, my first Thousand Island Dressing (sorry if I ruined the "secret sauce" for you!). It was good... though I'm not sorry that I spent my childhood NOT ingesting those overly large, calorie laden monstrocities!!

Otherwise, we're finally looking at some sun this week... and temps in the 80s. I know I shouldn't complain since it has been so mild so far (and hell, it's almost July!), but really I'm not ready for the hot, humid weather to come! I'm getting sweaty just thinking about it. ;-)

Well, time for me to get some work done... and make a run to Trader Joe's for some healthy snacks and lunches.

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