what a monday...

Holy crap, work is AHH right now... I'm here posting to escape it for a few moments, because I don't know where to start and I'm so overwhelmed! Jan is back today, but she's easing back in... a few hours and one project at a time. So I still have a bunch of stuff that I'm doing for her (happy to do for her), but that I didn't think I'd have today. Help! What a Monday I'm having!

Jan is doing well though! And man am I happy to have her back. Tally also, back from her honeymoon in Italy. The office is back to bustling.
Very bustling, in fact, with probably a dozen interns... and hardly enough computers to put them all at!

But enough of that.

This weekend was great. Friday's lunch was a lot of fun...

(above, swing seats! below, the fun light fixture)

and so delish.

(Sorry for the crappy cellphone pictures.) I had the lobster mac & cheese... which was AMAZING.

Saturday we met Mike & Megan for lunch... the first time we'd seen them, with all four of us together, probably in years. It was a lot of fun... we ended up sitting there for almost an hour after we finished eating and paid our check, just continuing to talk (sorry waiter!!).

That night we headed into the city for dinner with a whole group of people (Apoc, Jon & Marissa, Slink & Corie, and Ed) at La Viola, a very nice BYO Italian place in Center City. It was good, but the conversation was even better. My face literally hurt by the end of the meal from talking and laughing so much, but it was great to catch up with such a fun group of people.

Sunday was much lazier... I walked with Ro in the morning, but the rest of the day was spent watching movies (I really really liked Swing Vote) and playing with the dog. It was a nice end to the weekend, especially with all the running around the day before.

Um, and it is now 4 o'clock! I opened this window at 10! Clearly the day has gotten away with me, and things have not slowed down. Wish me luck with this last hour... I'm so ready to go home!


  1. That place is so cool! What's it called?

  2. It's the Continental Mid-Town, in Center City Philadelphia. You'll know you've found it when you see the huge martini olive! :-)


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