3 weeks...

until we leave for Cape Cod! Booo-yaa! :-) I really really can't wait. Work etc has been tiring lately, and I am absolutely ready for 8 days of laying around, relaxing. Not to mention that Harry Potter comes out that week... you know I can't wait for that!

I already looked up the nearby movie theaters and times:

This weekend is Father's Day, but we won't be heading up to my parent's as my dad and brother are leaving for their trip cross-country this weekend. They are driving out to S. Dakota (the Badlands), staying there for a few days, then driving back. I cannot wait to see their pictures and hear all about it! Ethan is even going splunking while they are out there!

So we'll be hanging out at home, which will actually be a nice change. Hope everyone else has a great weekend!

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