I would do my normal "weekend wrap up" but honestly our weekend was so low-key that there almost isn't anything to write about. We went out for an impromptu sushi dinner on Friday, I had a hair trim on Saturday, and walked with Ro on Sunday. That's mostly it. Trav did manage to give me the worst night's sleep on Saturday night, with three wakings... but that's not worth writing about really... and it wasn't on purpose. Otherwise it was a lot of relaxing, playing with puppy, movies, reading, hockey. And more grilling, of course.

I can't believe May is over already. Where is this year getting to?

Last night was more of the same. Playing with the pup, relaxing. Got to see some pictures from Tally's wedding (beautiful!!).

Jan is doing better. Still sore and tired, but feeling a little better everyday. She was hopefully going home yesterday afternoon, but I haven't heard the update yet... so I guess I'll have to wait and see.

And that's all I have for now. There is so much work for me to do... I need to run. But something more tomorrow, I promise.

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  1. sometimes a nice low-key weekend is just what the doctor orderd. Have a great week!


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