jury summons

I got one...
So today I have the pleasure of hanging out at the local courthouse to see if I get selected. On one hand, I'm excited to experience the process, as I've never done it before. On the other hand, I'm sure its going to be a long boring day. At least I get away from work for a day and get to do some extra reading! :-)

Quick rundown (for those who've never experienced it) and whether I've been selected or not tomorrow.


  1. Its great that you are excited about jury duty. So many people hate it but they don't realize that if they ever found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time or involved in a lawsuit that they would want someone who thought exactly like them to show up be a juror.

    That said...its a long and boring day. I get called at least once a year. If you are a fast reader you may want to bring an extra book. ;)

  2. The jury selection process can be really boring (lots of sitting around) and a lot of people sit and pray they won't get picked (because then they get to leave earlier and/or don't have to come back...). I've had jury duty twice, and the second time I was picked for a short trial.

    I actually found the experience really educational! I now have a very complete understanding of what "beyond a reasonable doubt" means. I even understand how a jury could find OJ not guilty.

    (I was also reminded the sometimes you have to work with annoying, idiotic people in life, as a few of my fellow jurors fell into that category...)

    Good luck!


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