wow... here we go!

I'm Pregnant.
It's so crazy to even type that, but its true!

new baby

Don't go looking for TTC posts before this, there aren't any. Not that I never had anything to say, any fears or hopes, I just never felt like writing about it. I was so excited to get pregnant again, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. I didn't want to write about pregnancy symptoms and not be pregnant. I was scared that I would be scared.

Amazingly, I'm not! I'm thrilled, over the moon excited... and I have a good feeling about this one! :-)

Not to say that I won't be completely terrified once we get closer to our first ultrasound. But for now, I'm following the motto, "Today I am pregnant, and I Love My BABY!"

The details: I am 4 weeks exactly today... due February 23 (Pisces baby). My first appointment is July 2nd. And that's where we stand. Besides this secret post we are telling only our best friends: Babs, Ro & Pat. That's it. We'll share with everyone once we see our healthy baby and hear that heartbeat. 8 more weeks!

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