ahhh, that's better

Last night went so much smoother. The second coat always goes on nicer anyway, but we also figured out a better process, so we were done at 8:30 instead of 10. It helped that there were better spirits/moods in play, and no frustrated breakdowns.

So! Besides a little touch up on the trim, painting is DONE!! I'm very excited*. Pictures after the weekend I think... I want to get them once the drop clothes are off the floor, and furniture is back in place. I'm liking the color, but can't wait to see it dry and in sun. I think the game plan is touching up tonight (either Trav will do, or we'll both do when I get home), then letting dry and air out tomorrow, then Sunday moving furniture around, vacumming, etc to get the room back in place. Or something like that. And we can also move furniture, empty the guest bedroom of stuff during the evenings next week.

As for tonight, I have my movie night with two of my friends from work. And tomorrow morning we are heading up to Lehigh! We also need to go shopping Sunday for our Thanksgiving fare, because if we get a frozen turkey, then it will need to straight into the fridge to start thawing for Thursday. It will be a full, busy weekend... but definitely fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing people and getting this room finished up!

OH! And this morning Trav and I went back to his favorite daycare to tour it again together, and I really like it too. Plus, our friend's Brian & Stacey have their two kids at this same place, the younger of which is in the baby room. So our babies would get to play together. I think we found our place! Another checkmark!

Well, on that note... its back to work for me.

*this does NOT negate what I said yesterday... still want that kick in the shins next time! Lol.

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