I feel so lovely and full after this long weekend. Not just full, as in "I ate too much"... though I am certainly that type of full too! But full, as in full of contentment and love and all that sappy stuff. It was so great to see my family, and have a house filled with conversation, crazy playing puppies, and laughter.

My parents brought their camera tripod with them, and my mom snapped some shots of Trav, the pup and I for Christmas card use... and just to have. I am using two for Christmas cards (which I don't want to break out yet), but here are some of the outtakes (they were all a bit bright, but I was able to color adjust for the cards, I didn't bother with these):

She also snapped some of just Trav & I, while she was at it:

Thanksgiving dinner was great. We had so much food! Trav actually did a lot of the cooking, with my mom as sous chef... so I got to relax and just handle one or two things. Afterward we observed one of my family traditions and watched Miracle on 34th St. Every year that would be the first Christmas movie we watched... and we would do it after Thanksgiving, so as to respect the turkey. ;-) It was always that movie, since MoTFS starts with the Thanksgiving day parade, and ends with Christmas... so it seemed fitting. We also watched much football, of course.

Friday we had breakfast and relaxed for a bit before my parents got on the road. Then Trav, Ethan, and I went food shopping to stock the boy up for the rest of the semester. He went home with a lot of food! I rode into the city with him again, then came home to relax. Trav harassed the puppy:

Saturday we cleaned up some more from Thanksgiving, then used the extra space we finally had to set up the nursery furniture! We're leaving the futon in there, but it will be upright unless someone is coming over and needs to use it.

The changing table:
The crib:
A close-up of the pattern on both:

They were actually pretty easy to put together, and now its really starting to look like a babies room in there!!

After that we both wrapped the Christmas presents we had accumulated so far... we both had gifts for each other that we wanted wrapped, and I also wrapped stuff for my parents and for Ro. It makes Christmas seem right around the corner to see wrapped presents sitting in my closet!

Sunday (today) we were pretty lazy... watched more football, and Monk episodes (there was an all-day marathon since the series is ending on Friday), played with the puppy and just relaxed. It was the perfect end to the weekend. Now I have to get ready to go back to work... but hopefully this nice, full feeling will carry on for a while!


  1. Nursery furniture! How thrilling! Love the pics of you lovebirds too. Great post darling. xoxo

  2. I'm really happy to hear your weekend went great! I love the pics you posted and I LOVE the card!!! I just got it today :D I wanted to do something like that - but A)my camera doesn't work properly and B)we have no one to take pics...
    I hope the FULL feeling lasts a while for you too!!! Love the crib and changing table they're gorgeous!


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