A New Day celebrates

Enough of all that other stuff... lets talk celebratory news!

Today, Daisy is a year old! :-) Don't worry... we aren't going to make her wear a hat, or bake a doggie birthday cake... but Trav has the day off, and he is going to take Daisy to the Pe.t.Co and to pick out a birthday treat. Lol.

Also, as of tomorrow, I've been blogging for 7 years! I can't even believe that. Seven years.
This blog has turned into more then just the time-killer, experiment that it was initially... its my place to record, my place to vent, my place to lay out my life and seek imput. Its also my guarentee that I'll never forget. I'm so glad I grabbed up my little corner of the internet when I did. I'm so glad I'm still here.

Today I am still sore, but feeling damn good otherwise. My wonderful husband is using part of his day off to check out daycares (so hopefully we'll have our place booked at one by the end of the month). And my sympathetic boss is (and has been for the past few days) letting me leave 45 minutes early so that I don't have to arrive home 2 hours past the end of work because of Sep.ta strike stuff.
Plus, it's Friday... and how can that not make you glad? :-)

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