::points up at ticker::

Do you see that? Do you? Double digits. Time until this little girl arrives is now in the double digits. Holy crap. Holy. Crap.

Not to mention that I will be 26 weeks tomorrow, which means my last week in the 2nd trimester. Wow. The time is flying by.

So Thursday went well, really well. Its always a little weird when this event is over, since there is such a build up to it... and then, its just done! But it went great, and we were all happy.
I was told that I looked nice, that pregnancy suited me, by a few people... which was very nice to hear. I was wearing a dress I got just for the occasion:

Friday I got to sleep in some, and visited another daycare before heading to work. The daycare was okay, but we looked at a few things and ended up eliminating it.
Trav headed to Ro & Pat's on Friday night (though Ro wasn't there, she was at the apartment) to help Pat pack up a moving truck which is going to his parents' place for storage.

Saturday the crib and dresser were delivered... they're resting in our dining room at teh moment... huge boxes, taking up lots of room! Bah. Oh well, they should be out of there soon. In that regard, Saturday we did coat #1 of primer in the office. I always forget how crappy that first coat of primer is... it never goes on easily or smoothly, but we got it on. Sunday we did the second coat, which was so so much easier.

We also ran out to the store and picked up our actual paint. Trav is home today so he'll be workin in the room some more (probably painting the ceiling - just a fresh coat of ceiling paint, and maybe doing the closet in the trim color), and he's also going to visit another daycare.

Yesterday was so nice out (sunny, mild, lovely around 70*) that we decided to grill for dinner. We ended up getting to enjoy a beautiful sunset as well.

All in all, a great weekend.
Plus, Trav and I talked, and we're going to have my dad take some pictures of the three (3.5?) of us when they come down for Thanksgiving. Hopefully our furry one will cooperate and we'll get a good picture for a Christmas card. Trav is also going to take some maternity type pictures of me sometime in the next few weeks. Hopefully they'll turn out well and we'll have some great shots to remember this time by. Wish him luck! :-)

I also started working on my Christmas list/shopping. So I'm feeling okay about that.

The rest of this week should be good. I have my glucose test tomorrow. Trav has off again, so he'll drive me... then he'll work in the room some more. Friday I have a date with my friends Andrew and Lo to watch Nazi! Zombies! And Saturday is Lehigh/Lafayette, which hopefully means getting to see a bunch of our friends.

Hopefully during the course of the week we can get the room actually painted up, and then cleaned up... and Sunday or early next week we can start moving things back into the office. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Well, for the moment its time to get back to work. Ciao!


  1. Meegz you look so good in those pics :) Too cute hehe - tell trav I said good luck on the pictures but I'm sure he'll do fine! Hope you guys get a good picture on thanksgiving of the 3.5 of you! hehe :) Happy thanksgiving as well!!! I can't believe it's next week already!

  2. Caught up on the blog today some - so glad to hear you'll be at Lehigh-Laf - thought you might skip b/c of pregnancy. I can't wait to see you and catch up.

    Also was thinking of who I could invite for a NYC shower.. Lauren.. who else is up in this area I could wrangle to have a little party for you?

    Let me know where you'll be so I can be sure to run into you!



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