busy times ahead

I laid down in bed last night and had a momentary panic attack about everything coming up and needing to get done in the next few weeks.

  • After sickness and injury sidelining our office work, we really want to try and get it done in the next few weekends so that we can empty out the guest bedroom/nursery and my parents will have a place to sleep for Thanksgiving night (two weeks from Thursday in case it slipped your mind... yipes!). Plus, our crib and changer are being delivered this weekend and we have to get the office done before we'll have a place to set them up!
    Here's the colors I'm loving for walls and trim (trim color will probably be inside of closet color too)... opinions?

  • Thursday is our biggest work event of the year. I can't believe that its that time already, and work this week is going to be crazy with last minute preparations.
    Already today I've been running around preparing flyers and updating documents, and getting other various items sorted out so that we can prepare the materials that will be handed out to the event guests. I'm breathing and typing now while I take a moment to eat.

  • Haven't even started figuring out Christmas presents for everyone. And often my shopping is mostly done by the end of November. So I'm a bit behind and that makes me nervous. Just over 6 weeks to go... which seems long, but with everything else, will fly by.

When I type it into bullet points, it doesn't seem like too much... but the amount of work involved in each is a little overwhelming.

But, despite my little moment of panic, I'm feeling pretty good. Especially since my ribs are finally healing up. They are still sore... but so so much better then before. I have iced them today, but haven't had to take any Tylenol yet, which is good.

Plus, we had a nice weekend. Friday I was working, but Trav had off. He and Daisy had fun together... and he successfully checked out two daycares. We already crossed one off our list since it was more expensive then the other, and Trav didn't like it as much. He's checking out another tomorrow, and two more on the 16th. That night we headed out for sushi at our favorite place, the Pearl.

Saturday we relaxed in the morning (started watching 7 Pounds), then headed to Ro & Pat's in the afternoon to help them move. They sold their house (close next week), and wanted to get a jump on moving their stuff to their apartment. They have movers for the big furniture, but we were there to help with some of the smaller furniture and a lot of boxes. Well, Trav helped with the moving part... I helped by baby wrangling! I was happy with my job, especially since GG was just waking up when we got there and in a very snuggly mood. We ended the night with some pizza at their apartment, then headed home to our pup and the rest of our movie. We enjoyed the movie... I don't think the ending was as surprising as they had hoped... we pretty much knew from the beginning exactly how the movie was going to play out (honestly I think the brother part was the only thing that I didn't "know" from the start), but we enjoyed it anyway.

Sunday Trav did some patching in the office (unfortunately the fumes from spackle/caulk stuff we are using are so noxious, I really can't help), and we did some more relaxing. I made up for my lack of work in the office by running out twice to pick up some necessities from the grocery store and to grab us some Chinese for lunch. The pup was loving the mild weather with lots of sun, and spent as much time outdoors as possible. She also spent some time napping with her daddy, which she loved... and which I got some cute pictures of (will share tomorrow when I get a chance to download them!).

Another nice thing is that the Septa strike is over! Thank goodness. Which means a much easier time getting home for me, plus no sore back from standing in line forever.

Well, time for me to get back to the grind... but hopefully everyone had a great weekend! Back tomorrow with pictures.

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  1. I LOVE the nursery colors. However, I think in the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you they look exactly like ours. :-) We didn't end up painting the trim white (couldn't bring ourselves to cover the natural wood!) but we did use that color for the baseboards.I will post pics on my blog when I get home tonight. Maybe they will help nudge you one way or the other!


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