new coats, awesome husband

I got two new coats today, since my old ones were no longer closing over the belly... and I still have 3 of the coldest months left!

(Sorry for the crappy cell phone shots:)

(This will be my "nice day out, not too cold" coat.)

(This will be my "holy crap its cold and snowy" coat! ;-) Its also my first puffer coat ever.)

I'm excited to start wearing them right away!

On another note, when I got home last night Trav was finishing up the second coat of trim paint! Yay for my awesome husband.
So all the trim (plus closet) is complete and tonight we will start the walls. I'm hoping that between the two of us, we'll be able to finish the first coat tonight, second coat tomorrow night, then Friday night can be a let everything finish drying night (its also my movie night with friends, and probably our recover from sore arms night!)... and this weekend we can start moving furniture back. ::crosses fingers:: We'll see how that goes.
After that it will just be a matter of straightening up and putting away and cleaning. Maybe we could even set up the crib and changer (it would be very helpful to get them out of the dining room).

Well, I have plenty of work to get done, so I better get back to it.


  1. Those coats are awesome! Are they both the same colors? I need to get a new one this year. Last year I bought one on sale at Kohls (but it was white and stuffed w/down feathers) Now all the feathers moved about and poke me constantly *not fun.
    Good luck with the painting! It's never fun but the outcome is always exciting! Did you get a low or no CFC paint? Just wondering b/c you're helping and it'll be the babies room too.

  2. The first one is purple, but the second is actually black... its hard to tell because the camera on my phone sucks! Lol.


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