upcoming (and photos)

First the pictures.
From two weekends ago:

From this past weekend:

Noticing a trend here? :-)

Daisy's new treat (birthday present):

Its more then a little ridiculous!

As for all that stuff I was worried about yesterday... well, I'm still a little overwhelmed, but feeling better because we have a game plan!! It involves some work everyday, but not too much in any one day... plus we built in "catch up" days.

Last night: personal - got to watch my belly move! the baby was bouncing around in there so much that my belly was actually jerking and moving... it was crazy!
office - finished scraping/wiping off loose crud from office walls, plus a little sanding

It got a little dusty in there, but we did good work. (Don't worry, I wore a mask.)

Today/Tonight: office - non-noxious corner caulking
personal - email E about Thanksgiving, coming up or no can do due to finals/shortness of break

Tomorrow: office - Trav finishes noxious patching, I check from time to time to be sure Trav hasn't passed out from fumes

Thursday: work - all last minute prep for big event, BIG EVENT from 6 - 9:30ish
office - sanding (for Trav... I will be at big event!)

Friday: work - come in late after sleeping in (hallelujah!), review big event and make any notes of "things to remember" for next year, address all work that got pushed aside because of big event
office - more patching if needed, wiping down walls to remove all sanding dust

Saturday: office - Trav over to help Pat with moving stuff, I'm at home to take delivery of crib/changer (yay!) and will work on finishing up any sanding/patching/wiping, start priming when Trav returns
personal - think about Thanksgiving, review my day of plan and grocery list, what should my parents bring/mom make?

Sunday: office - finish priming, paint the ceiling
personal - call mom to "talk turkey", call Laura (Quad's mom) to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Monday/Tuesday (16 & 17): office - Trav has off... will buy paint, finish priming (if needed), start painting
work - other random work event (Monday)
personal - appt with midwives for 1 hr. glucose test... ugh (Tuesday)

Rest of week: office - finish painting (walls and trim), touch up as needed
personal - work on list of Christmas gifts for people, get together with Andrew and Lo for Nazi Zombie movie night! (Friday)

Saturday (21st): personal - Lehigh/Lafayette weekend... head up to Lehigh in a.m. for alumni meeting, hang out for a little
office - back home to start moving everything back from guest bedroom/nursery to office

Sunday (22nd): office - continue to move things back into office, arranging and sorting as we go
personal - talk to mom to finalize last minute Thanksgiving details

Monday - Wednesday: office - finish moving last stuff from guest bedroom/nursery to office, make up guest bedroom for my parents, put together crib/changer?

Thursday: THANKSGIVING!!! eat too much food and watch football. :-)

Black Friday: start Christmas shopping!

I'm feeling better already, just having a plan!

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  1. OMG you just killed me over with that list of yours LOL I feel like such a smuck well I was just thinking about cleaning the grandkids room for them coming back over this weekend and its only Tuesday Ok I'm getting up from this computer. Thinking about Thanksgiving dinner (maybe) You know when you've done is as many times as I have it kind of comes to you naturally ( did that sound like a good excuse) Ok Ok you are back to work I'm getting to work! I love the pictures of Daisy and ok Trav sleeping LOL wonderful post have a great day. Jean


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