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Furniture is moved back into the office, and we actually picked up a new (smaller) desk to replace the large L shaped one we had. We purged as we put stuff back in, and managed to throw away 3 extra large trash bags full of old papers, junky knick-knacks, etc that we no longer needed. Because of all that, and because Trav finally got rid of the nasty beat-up recliner chair that had been in the office (left by the previous owners!), we have so much more room in there now. Its great.

We have our nursery/guest bedroom back now too... which is also great. Washed the sheets last night, will do the comforter tonight, plus vacumming (etc) and the room should be ready for my parents.

We also did our Thanksgiving shopping, so food-wise, we are ready. We have pepperoni, cheese and crackers, shrimp, and some veggies for earlier in the day snacking. For dinner we have a big turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, corn, crescent rolls, and cranberry sauce. My mom is bringing desserts... maybe pumpkin pie and monkey bread? We have sparkling grape juice and wine for toasting. For breakfast the next morning we have eggs, bacon, scraple, and cinnamon rolls. Maybe I'll get Trav to pick up some fruit too.
We are going to be stuffed!

The next few nights will be busy as we sort the last of the items back into the office, clean the house, and bring the big table up from the basement... but I'm feeling relaxed about it and confident that it will get done. Even if the table has to be brought up on Thanksgiving day, my parents aren't going to care.

Trav is going to ask my dad to help him hang our diploma's in the office. Finally they will be on the walls!! Probably the only things going on our beautiful new walls. ;-) If we get the chance, we'll pick up blinds sometime this week too (we're looking at maybe the white faux wood kind)... so Trav can get changed in that room again without feeling like a perve. But he can work around that for the time being.

As for the other weekend activities... my movie night on Friday was great. Very fun, very relaxing, and I got home early enough to not be completely wiped by it. Saturday at Lehigh was fine... though I didn't get to see many people, which was disappointing. But I did pick up a cute Lehigh onsie and baby hoodie for our little girl to wear when we head up next year! :-) Mama got a new hoodie too. Lol.

All in all, good stuff to report!

No pictures of the room at the moment... I ran out of time to snap them this weekend! But hopefully I can get some tonight, and can share tomorrow.

For now, I'm back to work since we are very busy with an event today.

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