you might have noticed

...that things look a tiny bit different around here. I did some updating yesterday. Went from two columns to three, rearranged things a bit, changed the background, and updated the banner. I'm pleased with it, and it helped me kill time on an otherwise slow day. Hopefully you like it too and that it makes finding things a bit easier.

Otherwise not much to report. Still just prepping away for the holidays... Trav brought up the big dining room table last night, vacuumed and dusted, I made the guest bed and cleaned the last of the "stuff" from the guest bedroom/nursery, and sorted some more "stuff" in the office. Its really pretty much there. Tonight we're going to prep the appetizer veggies and clean the kitchen. And then I think we are ready.

And tomorrow... well a big old

I hope its full of delicious food, loving family, and thoughts turned to all that you have to be thankful for. We have so much this year.

Enjoy your holiday, and enjoy your weekend.

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