rough night

I had a bit of a rough night last night... I kept feeling like I had to pee, and when I finally fell asleep, I only stayed asleep for about an hour before I woke up horribly nauseous. I made it to the bathroom just in time, but it was not the way I wanted to spent the witching hour! Luckily after that I was able to fall back asleep and stay that way until the morning.

Sleep has been funny the past week or so... I'm either out right away, or I'm laying there forever completely uncomfortable. I've been having more and more heartburn, which makes it hard to find a good position... especially since my only options are left side or right side. Unless I wanted to sleep sitting up, which I'm not good at! I just added a pregnancy pillow to my registry (any recommendations? or advice on which ones to stay away from?), so hopefully that will offer some relief, or at least expand those two options a little. Hopefully it also won't make life too difficult for Trav as those things can be rather bulky.

I'm feeling better today, though still "shaky" in the stomach. I'm just going to treat my belly extra gently today... had tea and oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for a mid-morning snack, I'll have some soup and gateraide for lunch... we'll see after that. Not sure what caused the sick, but hopefully it was just a fluke. Wish me luck.

Oh! And happy December all... can you believe its here already?!

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