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There is a baby chat board that I frequent... its nice to be around other women experiencing what I'm experiencing, and at the same time. But sometimes, oh sometimes the questions that get asked are interesting. There have been plenty, many worse then this one... but I just had to share this with you (italics is my own):

Baby doesn't move while I sleep.

I am 35 weeks, and I have noticed lately that I can not feel the baby move while I am sleeping. But when I wake up and sit up, baby will move. It is a little scary but almost feels as though baby is sleeping when I am. Has anyone else noticed this???

When a few of us suggested that perhaps the baby was moving, and she just didn't notice it because, you know, she was asleep... she was honestly caught off guard. Hadn't considered the idea. Lets stop and ponder this one for a second people.

The fact is, one is not always aware of what is going on around them, or even in them, when they are asleep. I can attest to this, and not just in a baby-way, after numerous conversations with my husband about nocturnal farts.

Questions like this one people, are why I think there should be a test to take before you are allowed to get pregnant. And one of the first questions can apparently be, "do you understand the fundamental differences between being awake and asleep?" Because that one people, is a good one to know, just in general.


  1. Hysterical. And scary.

    When M and I are out and about and see examples of particularly poor parenting, we turn to one another and say, "and yet you need a license to drive a car." A friend overheard this one time and pointed out that you also need a license to cut hair, which is sooo much funnier. :-)

  2. hahahaha oh man.

    I wonder what else she misses out on while sleeping!

  3. That's so funny because I think that sometimes when I am on there too. I just want to be like, "Really?!?!?!"

  4. lol wow... its really scary to think that these kind of people are going to be parents... the essential teacher of their newborn!! .. that's just extremely sad to see.


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