Just one quick Daisy snow pic, to show you how deep things got:

There is our girl, slogging through snow up to her belly!

And loving every minute of it, I might add!
(You might notice she isn't using the lovely path Trav created for her, chosing instead to forge her own!)

Anywho... at work for my short week (#1 of 2), and plenty to keep me busy and keep it moving. Yesterday flew by, and part of it was spent getting a pedicure since I wanted cute Christmas toes, and frankly, I'm not up to reaching them comfortably myself these days!

I think I actually pulled a muscle in my crotch... or its just a pregnancy ache that feels like I pulled a muscle in my crotch. Putting on my pants and socks and shoes has been a bit sore this past week, and yesterday/this morning its downright painful unless I do it completely sitting down, in which case its only twingy. I guess these are the fun things that happen towards the end.

So, today I am 31 weeks. Which means, single digit weeks left! I can't believe it. I got Trav to take a few belly pictures last night. I found them amusing. See sometimes I have one of those beautiful rounded bellies... the perfect half watermelon or half basketball. And sometimes Gwen decides she wants to push out and I get this:

Meet the torpedo belly!

It looks more normal from the front, or covered:

But I have to laugh at how "pointy" it is (was)!

Besides slogging along in my pregnancy, and keeping busy at work, I'm just counting down the days until Christmas! I can't believe its finally almost here, and I'm so excited for it! Since we decided to forgo porch lights this year, we are all ready! Everyone else ready?

Well, off to get to it.


  1. I love your belly! You look so good darling. xo

  2. WOW you guys got a TON of snow!!! We got jipped and only got about 8 in. Which is still a lot, but I'm looking for a blizzard hahaa :D I wish I could have taken the boys out but they would have froze to death - read my blog about that one. :)

    Your belly is soooooo big!!! You're still tiny as hell though which is so cute :D I can't believe you're 31 weeks already!!!! Seems like yesterday you were telling us all your news :D

    I can't believe Christmas is this week either!! SSSOOO crazy!! We only have our tree up but thats a hassle with the boys.. they think everything is a toy...
    Stay warm sweety ttys :D


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