a cold, but not really complaining!


Work has been going by quickly this week, since I have plenty to do. And I've had plenty to do besides work as well... doing all our Christmas cards, baking THESE brownies last night, preparing and sending out two packages with Christmas stuff for two of my girls (which involved two trips to the post office... always fun this time of year, though not as bad as I thought it would be, I have to say), returning a shirt I bought online which was too big, and taking a new pair of pants to the seamstress to have them taken up about an inch (so annoying when the regulars are too long and the petites are too short!). But, now I can cross Christmas cards off our list (mailed them this morning), and with those two gifts sent, the only shopping I have left to do is for Trav's stocking.

Of course I have to do these things with my newly acquired cold... which sucks. But besides looking very festive with my bright red Rudolph nose, and having an annoying stuffy/runny nose, its not so bad. I just hope its a little better by this weekend (and my baby shower! eep!).

On that note, I'm heading out to the store to pick up some cold medicine so that I can actually get something done today, since I'm already acquiring that slightly heady feeling that comes with a cold. And possibly some green tinted concealer, so that I don't look quite so ridiculous.

Hasta Manana!

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