(Picture from my parent's... my dad took it this weekend.)

I'm sitting here feeling hiccups going on inside my belly, which is a little weird... and honestly is starting to make my tummy feel a little jostled! But its neat, nonetheless, and means that our little girl is practicing her breathing. Good Gwen! Next week I'll be seven months, which is just insane.

This weekend was nice. I cashed in my birthday present from Ro, for a girls "date night" to go see New Moon and have a late lunch at the Bahama Breeze. It was a lot of fun all around. I'm a little embarassed by how much I enjoyed seeing New Moon, and a little creeped out with myself by how swoony Jacob made me feel (he's 17, in real life, for goodness sake! but those abs... oh those abs), but it was fun, especially since I got to see it with Ro. We also got to briefly see some other friends from college who were in the area visiting family... they wanted to meet with me to give me some baby clothes (they have two girls, so she had plenty of now too small baby clothes to pass on), and to lend me her Snoogle pregnancy pillow. I've been using it since and its pretty nice. The thing is huge! And I wish it were a little easier to turn over with, but its nice to have the support on my back/belly. Trav calls it my candy cane because the pillow hooks like a candy cane.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie... it follows the book pretty well, though I always find that their are a few things that are missing which I think should have been included, but you can't fit everything. The one part that bugged me was Edward's inability to look anything but broody. We get it, you are so burdened, but smile once in a blue moon for pete's sake.
:-) I'm such a teenage girl.

Trav took the opportunity to head to Willy's and have a little visit, and to do some shopping/present wrapping.

The one part I didn't enjoy was driving home in our first snow of the season! It was coming down pretty had at some points, and by the time Ro & I finished eating, the ground was completely covered. Luckily because it had been a bit warmer earlier in the day, and because I was taking all big roads home, there wasn't any accumulation on the roads themselves... but they were wet and slick, and the big snowflakes were coming down hard enough that it was difficult to see at points. What was cute, was taking Daisy out that evening and watching her chomp on snow.

Sadly for Daisy, by Sunday morning all the snow was gone! It didn't stick around at all... which I'm okay with, because despite it being December, I'm not ready for snow yet!! I should hurry up and get ready, since I'm sure there will be more sooner rather then later... but I am just not ready to admit that winter is officially only two weeks away (and Christmas is less then three!).

Now its Monday and I'm back to work... so I should get to it!

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  1. beautiful pictures! I wish I had a camera... I've been missing out on SO much! The boys (kittens) loved watching the snow fall! I think if they were able to go outside they would have loved it haha :) It was nice while it lasted... and yes there will be more! I can't wait but like you said I can wait at the same time lol.


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