2009, some of the special people

Its pretty obvious that 2009 was a big year for us. Big in ups and big in downs (though luckily, many more of the first!). We found out we were pregnant, found out we lost the baby, grieved for our angel baby, and got pregnant again! We spent months alternately enjoying my second pregnancy and being scared to death... then we heard the heartbeat! And found out we were having a girl!

We got our Daisy! GG was born! We swore in our first African American president. I was in Connecticut twice (Hannah got married!) and Cape Cod & Vegas (where I got to visit with my girl Babs! and see Cirque de Soliel!) & DC (my cousin got married!) once. Jan was diagnosed with cancer... then Jan beat cancer! My brother graduated high school then moved to DC and my Hoser, Lauren, graduated law school! Tally got married. My best friend, Babs, lost her grandfather... a wonderful man whom I will always remember fondly. Trav's SIL, Megan, is pregnant! Hannah is pregnant! We redid our office.

And through it all, there were some very important people. I would like to talk about a few of them. My people of 2009:

  1. Random Waiter at the Red Lobster

    This one probably seems like a REALLY weird person to start off with, but this was something that just stuck with me and I would be remiss not to mention it.
    On the day that we found out we had lost the baby, we headed home post-Ultrasound, and didn't know what to do with ourselves. We were sad and lonely and feeling like normal was this far off thing that we would not get to enjoy again for a very long time. We were hungry, but didn't want to cook, so we decided to go out to get something to eat. I wanted comfort foods, I wanted chowder or alfredo, and we figured the Red Lobster would have both... so that's where we went. Of course our waiter had no idea what had happened to us, but that made his attitude even better. He was friendly and gentle (with two people who were clearly upset about something), attentive and humerous. He made me crack a smile when an hour earlier I didn't think I'd ever want to smile again. His service would have made me stop and take note on a normal day, but on that day, I couldn't even express how grateful I was for him. Trav and I got a wonderful meal, with plenty of time to talk and just be with each other. Before we left, as he returned our paid bill to us, I stopped him and said thank you... "We've had a horrible morning, with some really bad news, but I just wanted to tell you how much you brightened our day... even just for the hour we were hear eating lunch. Your upbeat attitude and friendly service was deserving of a special thank you." He might not have made everything better, even for the rest of the day, but he did help us to realize that we would get better and that normal would eventually be possible again. I wish I could remember his name, but much of that time is a blur now. However, I do remember him... and he was definitely worth noting.

  2. My Hoser, Esq.

    There are many people that I love, who are my good friends... Babs & Ro are my two best girls always... but this year I feel so blessed to have gotten closer to Lauren, my hoser. I feel like this year was a big one for really sorting out those friendships (not consciously... but just in a, it sort of happened on its own, way). I can look back now and see who was a very good friend but maybe I've grown apart from, with no hard feelings, and those who I really would be lacking without. Lauren definitely falls into the latter category. After our loss, a lot of people didn't know what to say, or what to do. I really didn't want to talk a lot about it, especially not at first, but I also needed it to be acknowledged. Lauren struck that perfect balance... sending me daily text messages for the first week or two, just so I would know that she was thinking of me and that she loves me. She also sent me funny messages about melted chocolate and white pants to make me laugh. And on my dresser (still) is a card that she sent a few days after we found out, about the loss of a baby. She was 100% there for us, without being overwhelming or expecting anything in return. And for that I can never ever thank her enough.
    Although we don't get to see each other nearly as often as I would like, I know that Hoser will always be there for me if I need her. That when we do get together, we will always have a great time. And I love her so much for that.

  3. Matthew

    I haven't talked about this on here yet, but a few weeks ago I met a homeless man named Matthew. He's young, about my age or just a little older, and he'd been someone that I had seen around for quite a while. He's a little scruffy, and I think some people find him a little scary... but one day I felt pulled to ask him if I could buy him lunch, and I was completely moved by how sweet and gentle he is. Since then I have tried to help him where I can. I got him some socks, and put out a call for warm clothes items (which my friends responded to amazingly!! I just gave him a huge bag of sweaters, and my dear sweet hoser and a friend from college Meghan, have chipped in to buy him a new coat). I've thrown him a few bucks here and there for some food, and for a prescription. Through it all, he constantly reminds me of what true gratitude is. The geniune thankfulness he expresses over something as simple (to me) as socks, is refreshing, and a reminder of how lucky I really am. When I think about him just doing what he can to stay warm, it makes me realize how petty a lot of my annoyances are... which is a good thing to remember, this time of year (where materialism can sometimes take over), and all year round.

  4. Of course, Travis

    Trav and I celebrated 9 years together this year, and I don't think I've ever appreciated him more. This year more then any other he's share joy with me, grieved when I grieved, and been my biggest supporter. We had stupid fights and disagreements, days when we annoyed the piss out of each other... but he has been understanding with the difficulties of this pregnancy, and forgiving on the day to day annoyances. I always knew he was a find, after all he cook, cleans, does dishes! But now I really know that any of the annoyances are worth it, I truly know how he will be there for me in a horrible situation, even when he is also hurting.
    This year more then any other has show me just how lucky I am to have a husband who isn't afraid to tell me how much he loves me, and shows me just that every day. And I cannot wait to see him as a father.

I absolutely cannot wait to see all the 2010 will bring. And who I will share it with.
Who are your people of 2009?

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