let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

So, seeing as I've become a "devote late night weather fan" in the past few months, I can give you multiple reports from the first night of the storm.

We had nothing happening when I hit the hay at 10:30 (friday night).

When I got up to pee... er, check the weather at 2am, there was a dusting only.

The same at 4:30am... maybe 1/2" - 1" stuck to the roads, but you could still see all the grass in our backyard, and it wasn't snowing at the time. (At this point I was starting to think the weatherman was full of it!)

But by the time I got up for good at 8:45 (sat morning), we already had a few inches covering everything, and it was coming down heavily, in big puffy flakes that stuck to everything. With no signs of stopping! (The radar image is from 9:15am.)

Good thing I had canceled my only plans for Saturday (a hair appointment, which I rescheduled for after Christmas)... because I'm definitely not leaving this house, this weekend!

My aunt and uncle in DC sent this picture:

That's their puppy, Zoey, out in the snow they'd accumulated so far (as of Saturday morning)!

Daisy was in puppy heaven!

When we came inside, it was definitely nap time!!

Which was fine with Trav and I because we used the quiet to watch a few movies and drink lots of hot chocolate/tea.

As of Saturday night, I'd say we had almost a foot and a half... poor Daisy was struggling through snow up to her belly! And it was still coming down. Plus the wind was blowing it all over.

As of today (Sunday), we woke up to a sunny, though damn cold day. And about 20" on the ground. The drifts around the sides of the house are up to 2.5 feet in some places! Travis and I definitely planned another day of snuggling inside... though this morning there was some clearing of snow to do, to make work tomorrow a possibility! I cleaned off the tops of the cars, while Trav shoveled them out. One of our neighbors has a snowblower and was a huge help going up and down the sidewalk, and down the road side of our cars, so Trav had that much less to shovel. He's taking a nap with Daisy now to recover! :-)

We also did some laundry and dishes, but decided the snow gave us a nice excuse for lounging.

As for me, I'm snuggling up with some tea, a crossword puzzle book, and some episodes of the X-files. Not a bad way to spend Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Im definitely jealous of how much you guys got! It seems as though south of us really got hit. Kreggs sister sent a pic around 8 or so at night and they had about 20" in VA!

    Where is travis's coat in that one picture!! BBRRRRR I would be an icicle in 2 min.! I absolutely love the pictures though :) I wish I had my camera working so I could have taken some... I just hope we get another storm for more excuses lol :D


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